PTSD: Everything you need to know about using CBPMs for PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects 28% of Brits today. In this blog, you can learn how medical cannabis can help relieve symptoms associated with PTSD such as intense negative emotions, thoughts and anxiety, when traditional medications have failed.


The cannabis terpene series: Exploring the therapeutic benefits of ocimene

In this useful terpene blog, you can learn about the therapeutic benefits and effects of ocimene, a terpene with a sweet, fruity flavour. Plus, learn how to integrate ocimene into your medical cannabis regime.

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The chronic pain cycle: How can medical cannabis help to defeat persistent pain?

The chronic pain cycle is a concept used in the pain management space. It encompasses a loop of symptoms that can make pain even more difficult to manage. In this article, our pain experts explore the stages of the chronic pain cycle along with strategies and remedies aimed at breaking the loop, such as natural CBPMs.

Is this legal in the UK?

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