Where to get medical cannabis in the UK – Your questions answered

As the UK’s leading medical cannabis clinic based in London, we’re dedicated to providing a completely bespoke service to UK patients who are looking to get medical cannabis to help relieve their condition or chronic symptoms. In this blog, we’re answering your most pressing questions on accessing medical cannabis in the UK and becoming a patient with Mamedica.

If you have further questions that we have not answered in this blog, visit our FAQ page here.

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Where is the best place to get medical cannabis in the UK?

When obtaining a medical cannabis prescription, it’s best to turn to a qualified and trusted clinic. We pride ourselves in having an extensive and qualified team of consultants at our clinic that will provide you with personalised consultations alongside a safe and effective treatment plan.

We are in constant conversations with the press to ensure that the benefits of medical cannabis reach those who require alternative treatments to their conditions when traditional routes have failed.

Recently, we were invited on Sky News for a segment about the benefits of medical cannabis in treating ADHD symptoms, with a testimonial from our patient Kris Witham who stated his treatment with Mamedica was life-changing. Watch Kris and our CEO Jon Robson in conversation with news correspondent Sabah Choudhry here.

Is medical cannabis legal in the UK?

Medical cannabis is legal in the UK but can only be prescribed for a chronic condition where two previous medications or treatments have failed. In November 2018, the UK government rescheduled cannabis-based medicinal products, moving them from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 of the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001. This change recognised that cannabis-based medicinal products have therapeutic benefits and can be prescribed by specialist doctors.

Medical cannabis has been available to access from our London-based clinic since 2022. We offer a range of prescription options in the form of cannabis flower, oil, cartridges, and capsules in various combinations of THC, CBD, and balanced profiles.

Our consultants are specialists in finding the most suitable medical cannabis prescription for each patient and their condition and we encourage patients to have transparent conversations with their Mamedica doctor during their consultations.

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What are the benefits of going to a medical cannabis clinic over the grey market?

When you self-medicate with cannabis from the grey market there are risks associated. For example, it is unregulated which can mean the quality and effectiveness of the cannabis is unknown.

However, when you obtain medical cannabis from a legal and specialist clinic, there are regulations and laws to ensure the safety and quality of the treatment is guaranteed.

At Mamedica, the majority of medical cannabis medicine is full-spectrum plant extracts. This means they contain not only THC and CBD, but also minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant compounds.

What conditions can a UK medical cannabis clinic help with?

At Mamedica, we support patients with a variety of conditions. Our clinicians are specialists across mental health, chronic pain, neurological conditions and more and provide virtual consultations to eligible patients across the UK.

We commissioned data to find out more about the pain epidemic in the UK and our data found that 73% of Brits have accepted physical pain and discomfort as the norm. One of the most common conditions which requires treatment is chronic pain, with data by Mamedica revealing that over 15 million Brits are in pain.

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How do I become a patient with Mamedica?

Should you want to know if your condition is supported at Mamedica, read more here about what we treat. We have also written multiple blogs on what medical cannabis can be used to treat, including Crohn’s disease, which you can read about here.

As the UK’s fastest-growing medical cannabis clinic, we are open to discussions with patients from all backgrounds looking for a solution for their chronic condition. To get started, complete our eligibility form here.